Rackspace Offering Hybrid Cloud At Australian Data Centre

Cloud provider Rackspace has launched a hybrid cloud service through its Australian data centre, letting customers using the site integrate with their own off-site applications and beefing up competition in the local cloud market.

Rackspace opened its Sydney data centre (pictured) in February this year, and began offering the ability to download and use its OpenCenter cloud management tools in March. The ability to marry the two together means companies can run the same platform in both their own data centres and public facilities, mixing and matching as necessary. (Microsoft pushes a similar approach with Azure and Windows Server 2012.) Online retailer Kogan is one local customer that will be utilising the option.

There's no additional charge for marrying the two elements. "The RackConnect technology, which allows the customer to connect a dedicated hosting environment to a public cloud environment, is provided free," Rackspaace APAC CTO Alan Perkins told Lifehacker. The customer just pays for the cloud services they use and the dedicated hosting equipment; the only requirement is that there must be a firewall in the dedicated equipment through which the connection between the dedicated and the cloud is routed."


    With Rackspace being an American company I wonder if PRISM is able to force them to provide copies of a businesses data? That fear alone would prevent me storing valuable and usually secret business information on their servers.

    This would be great if they had any images in the control panel.
    It would be tops if I could select SYD for Cloud Files? I'm confused, they say cloud, but all I see is servers and databases?

    Their website does a pretty bad job of showing the prices in an easy-to-find manner, so we made a price cheat sheet:

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