Wearable Computing Good News For Cloud

Hype around wearable computing has been growing through 2013, especially with the release of Samsung's Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch and as-yet-unrealised rumours of a similar Apple product. However, a recent survey reminds us that the concept of wearable computing isn't exactly new.

A survey of 750 Australians commissioned by cloud provider Rackspace underscores the point: 35 per cent have already experimented with wearable technologies such as fitness monitors or smart watches. Those who have tried like it: one in four even argue it has helped their career development.

Given their relatively limited processing power, wearable devices are highly reliant on cloud services in the background. "Wearable technology and the cloud go hand in hand - together they provide the rich data insights that help users better manage many aspects of their lives," Rackspace Australia director Angus Dorney said in a release announcing the results.


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