• The Best and Worst Ways to Explain a Career Break

    The Best and Worst Ways to Explain a Career Break

    Finding a job is tough these days, especially given the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and recession, and, you know, life. A survey published earlier this year revealed that 68% of workers have experienced a gap in their employment, with 39% citing family responsibilities as the most common reason. Among the workers surveyed, 60% believe the…

  • VMworld 2017 – The Highlights So Far

    . VMworld, VMware’s main customer and partner event, is on at the moment in Las Vegas. I was meant to be go but, alas, other commitments prevented me from attending. I’ve been keeping track of the news from VMworld. Here are a few of the main announcements.

  • VMware Unveils Workspace One To Unify Device And App Management

    VMware has launched a digital workspace platform called Workplace One that aggregates the management of all devices, applications and services into a single identity for each employee within an organisation. This is aimed at making it easier for enterprise IT departments to securely manage digital assets as workers become more mobile and transient. Here are…