Lifehacker Maps: Australian Ghost Towns

Ghost towns: once prosperous, now empty save for tourists passing through to check out the decaying evidence of former times. We’ve placed every Australian ghost town we can locate on an interactive map — more than 150 in total.

Picture: Donna Barber

‘Ghost town’ is a rubbery term, and encompasses everything from much-visited tourist spots (such as Silverton in NSW, where the Mad Max series were filmed and Cook, a whistle stop for Indian Pacific train passengers) to isolated gold mining towns that have long been abandoned and consist of nothing more but ignored ruins. For this map, we’ve drawn on all the ghost towns listed on Wikipedia’s Australian ghost town category — which is a much longer list than its basic ghost town roundup might suggest. We touched on the topic of ghost towns last year, but this is a much more detailed listing.

For each town on the map, we’ve linked to the relevant Wikipedia page. Additional suggestions are welcome in the comments. You can search the map; to reset it, enter a blank search term. Click on the zoom control in the bottom left corner to focus on a specific area.


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