Domino’s Pizza Roulette Will Haunt You With Ghost Peppers This Halloween

Domino’s Pizza Roulette Will Haunt You With Ghost Peppers This Halloween

Have you ever found the experience of ordering and eating pizza to be too calming and comfortable? Well, Domino’s are going to be “possessing” a single slice of their Halloween Roulette pizzas with Ghost Pepper-based hot sauce. The kicker is, though, that they won’t be telling you which slice the hot sauce will be on.

Ghost Peppers (aka Bhut Jolokia) have a Scoville score of up to 1,041,427SHU. That means it is more than 200 times spicier than a jalapeno pepper. It was the first pepper to scientifically measure a Scoville score of 1 million SHU. It is six times spicier than a habanero pepper. It is the 7th spiciest pepper in the world (though undeniably the most famous). It’s almost half as spicy as the world’s spiciest pepper, the ominously named Carolina Reaper, which clocks in at 2.2million SHU, and was bred from a Ghost Pepper and a Red Habanero.

What I’m saying is that it is an extremely spicy pepper.

A fun fact is that “spiciness” isn’t actually a flavour, rather than a sensation of pain and heat caused by the capsaicin hitting your tongue. Capsaicin isn’t just what makes chilis spicy, but also what makes pepper spray so very painful. And yet somehow that pain is delicious, so go figure.

In India, where the Ghost Pepper originated, the army has turned it into military-grade smoke bombs and in some towns, residents paint the ghost pepper oil on fences to discourage elephants. It’s like a spray bottle for cats, but on a much more intense scale.

The website recommends: “Ghost peppers are so spicy that special precautions should be taken in their handling. Wear gloves, at minimum to keep significant chili burn at bay. But if you’re sensitive to capsaicin (the compound that gives chilies their heat), then we recommend wearing eye goggles and even a face mask when handling the Bhut Jolokia.”

So, this Halloween pizza roulette promises to be the perfect 2020 treat: It’ll be a tonne of fun you can have at home, but when you least expect it, it’ll probably make you cry and want to throw up a little.

Domino’s Pizza are also releasing Halloween-themed cookies to go with the promotion, if you’re after more of a treat.

If you’re wanting to try your luck on pizza roulette, you’ll need to be quick: it’s only available from October 26 until November 1, unless sold out sooner. You can also try your luck at winning some hot sauce or cookies over at their Facebook page.

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