Ask LH: Can I Get A Different Browser For My Windows Phone?

Hey Lifehacker, I recently acquired a Nokia 925 and I’m having issues with the IE10 browser on the phone. It doesn’t seem to have the full functionality of a browser such as Chrome. Can you recommend any alternative browsers for Windows Phone users seeing as Chrome isn’t available? Thanks, Browsed Off

Dear BO,

Windows Phone has many attractive features, but versions of the most popular browsers are lacking. As you’ve noted, Chrome isn’t available, which means you can’t take advantage of its ability to sync history, bookmarks or tabs. The same goes for Firefox.

There are alternatives if IE doesn’t do it for you — just not from dominant browser developers. These are some of the more visible ones available for free:

There are plenty of others as well. I’ll be honest — the lack of detail and the grammatical errors on the descriptions for these apps don’t fill me with confidence, and many seem even more feature-limited than IE. However, it’s a relatively low-risk prospect to see if they fill the gap for you. If Windows Phone-toting readers have a particular favourite, tell us about it in the comments.


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