The Beach Sunset Desktop

The Beach Sunset Desktop

Lifehacker reader Sparsic submitted this sunny desktop. Between the fact that his wallpaper makes us wish we were at the beach and his Rainmeter skins perfectly fit the wallpaper, we had to feature it.

Sparsic’s desktop isn’t particularly cluttered with widgets, but the ones he uses fit perfectly. Look at the horizon line: the clock’s reflection is arranged perfectly, and the music control widget on the other side is lined up perfectly along the horizon as well. Want the same look for your Windows machine? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • The Rainmeter system tweaking and monitoring tool for Windows
  • Sparsic’s .rmskin configuration file that includes the wallpaper, skins, and other tools for the on-screen display, now playing widget, clock and weather, and more, over at DeviantArt
  • The RocketDock application launcher for the taskbar replacement at the bottom of the screen
  • The Windows Phone icon pack for RocketDock
  • The Windows 7 Taskbar Eliminator to completely remove the taskbar

Sparsic was kind enough to package up all of the Rainmeter skins and configuration into one tool so you can import it and get it looking just the way he has it here, which is a huge time saver.