The Reflection In The Water Windows Desktop

The best desktops are the ones that are the most functional for the users, and Flickr user azr‘s first desktop works well for him. It goes light on the widgets and features a gorgeous wallpaper that seals the deal perfectly.

If you want the same look for your Windows desktop, this one is pretty easy to recreate. Here’s what you’ll need to download:

That’s all you need! This one, much like last week’s desktop, is pretty simple to set up but looks fantastic. Just hide the taskbar and keep the recycle bin on the desktop (if you want the same look azr has here). Simple, elegant and functional.

If you’re not sure where to start with Rainmeter, check out our guide to setting up a good-looking desktop for some great tips and examples. If you’re a Mac user, you can duplicate this desktop really easily with Geektool and our guide to using it. Linux users can downlaoad Conky to get the same effect.

by the lake [Flickr]


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