The Hulking Robot Desktop

The Hulking Robot Desktop

Giacomo’s Windows 10 desktop doesn’t have a ton of skins or moving parts, but combined with that wallpaper it’s pretty dramatic. Here’s how he set it all up, and how you can too.

Even though it’s Windows 10, Rainmeter still works beautifully on it. If you’re not familiar with Rainmeter, here’s a handy getting started guide (albeit a bit dated) that will help you make your first custom desktop.

From there, here’s what you’ll need:

That’s about it. Not too many skins, and of course, if you don’t need three clocks on your desktop, you can omit one or two of them to create your own look. If you like the look, head over to Giacomo’s Flickr page (linked below) or over to his personal blog to let him know that you like his work!

Robot Desktop [Flickr]