The Ripples In Space Desktop

The Ripples In Space Desktop

nVisionary’s desktop combines just a little Rainmeter with a beautiful wallpaper to create a look that all fits together nicely. A starry sky littered with system monitors and a great now playing widget make a great sit-down or second screen monitor with enough space to get stuff done, too.

If you’re not familiar with Rainmeter, our getting started guide will get you up to speed quickly. Once you’re there, here’s what you’ll need to make this setup your own:

That’s all there is to this one, and there aren’t a ton of moving parts, which is nice. nVIsionary managed to get a great look without adding a ton of custom skins and themes to the package, which we can definitely appreciate. If you like the work here, head over to nVisionary’s Kinja blog (linked below) and let them know you like the finished product!

Ripples in Spacetime [nVisionary]

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