Win A Seagate Wireless Plus Drive

The Seagate Wireless Plus drive offers a full terabyte of storage and the ability to stream movies and music to tablets and laptops, as well as backing up your precious memories. Want to get your hands on one? We have five to give away!

Competition closed (as of 3pm Sunday)

To enter our competition to win this excellent prize, just answer this question in the comments:

The Seagate Wireless Plus lets you easily stream any movie from the drive to your favourite device. Which movie would you watch using it and why?

The five most creative and impressive entries will each win a Seagate Wireless Plus, valued at $249. The competition closes 23 June. For full terms and conditions, click here.

BONUS $20 Cash Back! Lifehacker readers who purchase a Seagate Wireless Plus portable drive from JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith or Office Works are eligible for $20 cash back on their purchase.


    Bird on a Wire!
    Or is that Bird off her Wire.
    Pretty sure it's the same movie.

    i would be watching game of thrones from the start for the 4th time until the dreaded season 3 episode 9 havent been this upset since Qui-Gon Jinn

    I dont know how anyone could name 1 movie, or even for a fact tv show,
    I'd probably watch the harry potter sequel, the shawshank redemption, batman sequel, 21 jump street, get smart and so much more,
    and for tv shows, the fresh prince of bel air, the big bang theory, avatar - the last airbender/ legend of korra, the simpsons and so much more
    and if it help, the competition ends a day before my birthday :P

    Marley and Me. Because it's the best to watch on a cool winter afternoon!

    My wireless gadgets setup is getting better than my old age! Avatar (3D) is lookin' mighty fine at this moment.

    I would pick "the Lawnmower Man" as I like the idea that I could carry an entire consciousness around in my pocket and stream it out whenever I need... but also...Lapidus!

    Would have to be Minority Report - So I could sit there, access the Wireless Plus by moving my left hand in mid air, dragging the movie over to the TV and then hope to god one of the pre-cogs doesn't show up!

    I just gave in and watched the first episode of "game of thrones". I've got a lotta catching up to do...

    Life of Pi....because I think I'm the only one who hasn't seen it, my parents have even seen it. (And they are usually behind movies.)

    I would watch the Transformers animated movie because YOU GOT THE TOUCH! YOU GOT THE POOOWERRRRRRR! YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHH!

    Hackers - because Angelina Jolie, and aren't we talking hacking here (wait that movie isn't about real hacking!?!?!)

    Would have to watch Iron Man 2. It would feel like the seen in the court room where Tony takes of the TV to watch some films.

    I'd stream the road warrior, original version, so epic!!

    I would have to stream from my new Seagate Wireless Plus the movie "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" as it would have to be one of the best horror movies ever made. Forget aliens or super natural forces eliminating earth and mankind. This movie shows what could happen in our own backyard or kitchen. You are warned!!

    World War Z, I have a dual Brad Pitt and zombie obsession (thanks to my husband - not Brad Pitt, just the zombies ;) )

    Gone With The Wind is what I’d play,
    Then my Mother in Law for dinner won’t stay,
    and Friday night is reclaimed – yeeha! Yay!

    Epic device for watching the breaking bad series back to back. I probably wouldn’t leave my house for a month with the Seagate Wireless and grow and outback beard. Movie must watch with this too cool for school device, one and only, yours truly.......True Romance "I like you Clarence I always have and I always will'. If you haven’t seen it then you think this is some chick flick title. NOT AT All. Go watch it!!!

    Because it is portable, so Porn movies on the go, even when traveling overseas; plus it can be stashed away with ease, and the wireless can be password protected, so dont have to worry about mrs accidentally discovering the secret man stash

    Bridesmaids - every time I watch the part where they poo in the sink and the street I can't stop laughing. I know I'm sick !!

    I wanna watch 'AMADEUS' My Favourite Movie of all time!!

    I would watch The Sound Of Music. I love to do interactive movie watching version. Booing the Nazis, hissing at the Baroness, singing all the songs and whistling when characters kiss. It’s loud, it’s silly and incredibly fun!

    Does anyone remember Howard The Duck? yeah, I'd load that on there

    The Ten Commandments. Because I could stream to a tablet a movie about a bloke who crosses a stream to get a tablet.

    The Terminator is appropriate at present because my mother-in-law is driving me crazy & I feel like throttling her. (sad but true)

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