Who Won Our Seagate Wireless Plus Drive Competition?

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win an awesome Seagate Wireless Plus Drive — there were lots of interesting suggestions for the ideal movie to stream from this versatile device. After careful consideration, these are our five winners.

Tazza latched onto the wireless connection:

Free Willy has the scene where the whale jumps over the sea gate, and I’m pretty sure that scene was filmed without wires.

MC Razza also incorporated the product name, but in a more detailed way:

In alphabetical order:

S. – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
E. – E.T.
A. – Aliens
G. – Groundhog Day
A. – Austin Powers
T. – Trainspotting
E. – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

notsellinghats identified a key performance benefit of the drive:

I love that the Seagate Wireless Plus drive can stream different HiDef films to different devices AT THE SAME TIME!!! This means that I can watch The Fast and the Furious while my wife watches Sex and the City 2!

Philbo was just seeking to save some sanity:

Peppa Pig Seasons 1 – 8 because it’s the only thing that will keep my daughter occupied long enough for me to do anything!

Finally, Steven made a neat gag:

The Ten Commandments. Because I could stream to a tablet a movie about a bloke who crosses a stream to get a tablet.

Thanks again to everyone who entered — keep an eye out for more competitions in the future. And special thanks to Seagate for the prizes!


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