Win A Seagate Wireless Plus Drive

Win A Seagate Wireless Plus Drive

The Seagate Wireless Plus drive offers a full terabyte of storage and the ability to stream movies and music to tablets and laptops, as well as backing up your precious memories. Want to get your hands on one? We have five to give away!

Competition closed (as of 3pm Sunday)

To enter our competition to win this excellent prize, just answer this question in the comments:

The Seagate Wireless Plus lets you easily stream any movie from the drive to your favourite device. Which movie would you watch using it and why?

The five most creative and impressive entries will each win a Seagate Wireless Plus, valued at $249. The competition closes 23 June. For full terms and conditions, click here.

BONUS $20 Cash Back! Lifehacker readers who purchase a Seagate Wireless Plus portable drive from
JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith or Office Works are eligible for $20 cash back on their purchase.


  • Dirty Harry – because my internet sucks and I’ve got to ask myself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do I, punk?

  • The Hobbit because I now have it on Ultraviolet so I can stream it to my tablet and TV

  • The Matrix never ever seen it and quite frankly i should see it but to me the only way would be to watch it while being streamed. Seems to me like it sounds something Matrixy (is that a word) and would tie in well.

  • If I had one of these drives I’d be using it to stream my home videos to friends & family because they’d love it & to stream any other kind of movie would likely be breaching the movie studios copyright..

  • The Internship

    I would watch The Internship. It look great and funny! Also technology related which is a passion and love! I would love one of the awesome drives! and straight to my new galaxy s4 and iPad for travelling will be so helpful and entertaining!

    thanks Lifehacker!

  • I think the best movie to watch using the Seagate Wireless Plus would be Johnny Mnemonic as this hard drive is donig the same thing as Johnny is in the movie.

  • Streaming movies, from a small black box, to a hand-held device with a high resolution touch screen? Certainly sounds futuristic. I would have to watch Blade Runner and hope things don’t turn out that way!

  • Free Willy.

    Free Willy has the scene where the whale jumps over the sea gate, and I’m pretty sure that scene was filmed without wires.

  • Probably some pornography, so I could stand inbetween my drive and laptop and say “video of people humping are being transferred through my stomach”.

  • Hunt for RED OCTOBER! “Ryan, some things in here don’t react well to bullets.” Yeah, like me. I don’t react well to bullets.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey, given how technology is becoming more & more self aware in ways and advanced, seems fitting.

  • I’d use it to stream Harry Potter 2 and 3 on an S4 for my son, Mulan 1,2,3 for my daughter on a 4S, Season 8 of Desperate Housewives for me wife on an iPad and the Bourne trilogy for myself on a MacBook. All at the same time to fill out an 8-hr plane ride. Because the drive can do all that. If only the other devices could match that battery life 🙂

  • Star Wars original series. Two reasons:
    1) My girlfriend hasn’t actually seen them 😮
    2) Would be cool to set it up (without her knowing), yank out the existing wired USB player to the TV during the movie while exclaiming that I’m using the force to project the movie from my memories to the TV. If she calls BS (and she will), simply respond: “I find your lack of faith disturbing”

  • The GodFather Trilogy,
    Its the all time best gangster movie in my opinion and i would love to watch it with a Wireless hard drive so i have no interruptions.

  • Empire Records – So i can sing along with the lyrics – “I saw you on my wireless back in 2013”

  • TRON
    Just imagine for a moment; visualising the transfer of information wirelessly from the Seagate to your device via a Gridworld “Solar Sailer”.

  • I’d have to watch Blade Runner on my Nexus 7, and wonder if Google will release a Nexus 6…

  • I would watch Taken, because no matter where in my house my Laptop goes, Seagate will find me. And it will stream me.

  • Downey Jr’s first Sherlock Holmes film.

    Why? Because, “A technology of that kind would be worth an untold fortune. Imagine being able to control any device simply by sending a command via radio waves. It’s the future, Watson!”

    Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

  • Hot tub time machine.

    My wife has made me watch it so many times that its now a necessity, like air. I already have air everywhere I go, but I don’t have a copy of hot tub time machine on me. I could fix that with cool gadget!

  • Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory so I could dress like Gene Wilder and beam them pixels through the air!

    “You photograph something, and then the photograph is split up into millions of tiny pieces, and they go whizzing through the air down to your TV set where they’re all put together again in the right order.”

  • The Goonies (1985)

    I’ve always told myself I needed to track down that adventure movie that I saw when I was a child in the 90s. It just happened by coincidence that two of my work collegues were talking about that movie while I was reading this post. Now that I know what it’s called, “The Goonies” will be forever connected in my head with this wireless drive

  • I would watch Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. It seems like a problem that only a Sea Gate can resolve.

  • The Fifth Element…Mila Jovovich in nothing but bandages…I mean seriously guys, do I have to draw you a picture???

  • If i have to watch only one movie .. i don’t even need Seagate Wireless Plus Drive. But i still have to answer so it will be definitely Hangover III since i haven’t got time to watch it … it will be good test though….!!!

  • Avatar because of the uber fantastic CG and I would be able to enjoy it on my iPad on the patio or through my big screen tv.

  • if i had one of these i would give it to my parents so they can watch all my movies easier then ever before

  • I’d watch 오직 그대만 (Always), a Korean romance movie about a blind girl falling in love with a boxer. Makes my heart melt… Not only that, I would prevent any further download binges from occurring, and use the drive as a multimedia command station, that everyone can use in my share house.

  • All the Pixar and Disney movies! I’ve only seen like two of them, and that’s kind of pathetic

  • The Princess Bride of course! Even though I have six fingers to operate a remote, it would be totally inconceivable to watch it any other way. Believe me, if I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong, then the only way see this movie is via the Seagate Wireless Plus

  • Soderbergh’s underrated remake of Solaris, even if just to avoid the highway section of the Tarkovsky version. It also has a really good score by Cliff Martinez.

    I guess streaming from a wireless drive provides the correct level of detachment required to absorb such a heavily-laden Stanislaw Lem work.

  • I would watch “Just like heaven” because it’s a great feel good movie and not only that but being able to watch it or many other movies (1tb!) anywhere would be just like heaven and I would feel good not having to look through a sky high stack of DVDs.

  • The Big Lebowski. Equally a precious memory as it is my first preference for streaming. The Dude Abides. Hopefully the wifi reaches the alley…

  • It would have to be, The Shawshank Redemption. Simple because its the best film of all time and been able to watch it on the go would keep me happy and uplifted all the time.

  • I would totally watch “The Vidiot from UHF” because if you are going to watch a movie streamed off a wireless hard drive, it might as well be one thats so terrible you must keep watching.

  • I would watch “2001: A Space Odyssey” because I find it fascinating to compare old concepts with modern technology in space.

  • Stranger Than Fiction. After a day or so, the Seagate Wireless Plus drive will be no Stranger to all the Fiction that I enjoy.

  • I’d watch Despicable Me. It’s an all ages movie that’s a favourite of the family.

  • Definitely Back to the Future… because “When this baby hits 5400 RPM you’re gonna see some serious S**t :D”

  • When it comes to technology, there’s nothing that beats Iron Man. I bet he has thousands of these “daisy chained” wirelessly to form his massive media server.

  • Sneakers with Robert Redford. You couldn’t break (legitimate) torrents without it.

  • Office Space – So I can do my best ‘O’-Face at the amazing wireless-streaming technology!

  • Seabuscuit- Its obvious… Like seagate- you want to take a byte out of it (sic!)

  • AVATAR FTW!!! Because you’ll be at a friend’s house and they’ll be like “hey lets watch a movie” and I’ll be like “well I have avatar right here ready to stream” and I’ll finally get a big group to go “ERRR F*** AVATAR!!!!”

  • I’d watch the terminator series before the sea gate hard drive becomes self aware….. Sprouts legs and lasers and goes on a quest to destroy humanity.

  • The original Star Wars Trilogy and the Harry Potter series – due to being among my favorites….May the Force be with You

  • With a terabyte of storage, how could I choose just one? My nearest cinema is $170 km’s from home and the local store still rents VHS (should I link that for the young folk?).

    I will go with ‘The Blob’. I haven’t seen it since I was too young to watch it. I can’t remember the movie well, through the laying very still in bed at night frightened is still easy to recall.

  • Let’s set myself up in a nice old house in the middle of nowhere and watch Skyfall. It’s about data on a portable hard drive. It also has other fun tech in it and action. It is a recent release so it has a high resolution version as well.

  • I’d watch that movie about the head of Microsoft using a urinal. Then I’d get to see Gate’s stream. Yeah.

  • Mrs Doubtfire.
    Because I’m a hip old granny who can hip hop, bebop, dance til you drop and yoyo make a wicked cup of cocoa.

    Not really I just really want to win this.
    (And watch Mrs Doubtfire).

  • Well, if I’m going to use a Seagate wireless hard drive to stream some movies I guess I should probably watch a Sea-quel. And the Gatey-est Sea-quel would have be 1990’s “The Gate II: Trespassers”

    Sea-quel Gate 2: Wireless Boogaloo.

  • i couldn’t pick a specific movie to watch out of what i have, so i used a random number generator and it turns out i would watch the blues brothers

  • By late June I think Human Centipede 3 would be out, which would be an appropriate film to watch on this device due to the similarity of wifi streaming and stitching the mouths of 500 people to the anuses of the people adjacent to them.

  • Definitely Groundhog Day. Who wouldn’t want to have the ability to stream and watch Bill Murray on a personal device whenever you wanted. I could do that over and over…pardon the pun.

  • ‘Click’ with Adam Sandler. Sure, it’s not high-brow but that thing has to be the ultimate Lifehacker gadget!

  • “The Gift”, because if I win this for my girlfriend, she will be very pleased with me!

  • Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Then I’ll hide the TV remote and put it on repeat! Drive my family insane, they won’t have any bluray player/pc/box to turn off. I’ll hide the Seagate wireless Plus Drive, they will have no idea! I’m pretty sure they don’t know that the TV is operatable without the remote.

  • Well I guess it would have to be “Gone in sixty seconds” The one with Angelina Jollie in it. Because it has Angelina Jollie in it. Why wouldn’t you ?

  • I’d pick the worst movie I could find, e.g. Vanilla Sky, because the joy of using this Seagate would make anything watchable!

  • Well that’s easy – Cat People: the erotic horror movie about a woman who turns into a murderous feline beast when aroused…yes, it’s a real movie.

  • Step Brothers, because I am nervous about my presentation for the upcoming Catalina Wine Mixer.

  • Johnny Mnemonic. Inside Johnny’s brain, a “wet-wired” memory chip has been implanted that allows him to interface with computer systems, and which gives him a set storage capacity of 80 gigabytes of data he can carry. Seagate Wireless Plus takes care of the storage issue.

  • Because Seagate can stream up to 3 movies at a time, we would watch
    Star Trek Into Darkness
    Monsters, Inc
    Pulp Fiction
    Because with a Seagate we can stream anywhere we need it to be 🙂

  • I would watch The Net as this movie showed that someone can erase your identity and everyone didn’t believe it back then but now its almost a reality where your identity can be taken over quite easily … 🙂

  • it is not just witch movies… it shall be all movies to watch on it as this unit allow us to:-
    Wirelessly stream your media and files to tablets, smartphones, Mac® computers and PCs
    Carry 500+ movies or thousands of songs, photos and documents
    Free Seagate Media app for iPad®, iPhone®, Kindle Fire and Android® devices
    Stream up to 3 different HD movies to three devices at the same time
    Up to 10-hour battery life*

  • Would definitely watch “Les Miserables” in Full HD quality with Seagate wireless. Why? because the movie promotes the idea of “grace”, and so having to win this device has some sort of the resemblance of “grace” in my opinion.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey – it somehow seems quite befitting of a black monolith with such mystique and power

  • Ringu (The Ring), which I haven’t seen since the late 90s. But it’s probably less scary streaming from a shiny hard drive than from a clunky share house VHS.

  • I would watch transformers, because with this hard drive you cant “cut the hard-line!”

  • I would watch the entire James Bond collection. It would make me feel like a spy watching a movie from a portable hdd that possibly a spy would use.

  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    If I had one of these drives, I would demand membership in the league, as I would indeed be an Extraordinary Gentleman!

  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and hope that the improbability drive powering this thing turns us all into penguins, but hope it doesn’t drop a pot of petunias and a whale on my house. Then I’d go to the fridge and throw away that ol janx spirit i was drinking that initially started me thinking this way. So winning would be a community service, if the community consisted of one person…me.

  • Peppa Pig seasons 1 – 8 because its the only thing that will keep my Daughter occupied long enough for me to do anything!

  • Avatar
    One of the best movie ever made by the best Director ever alive

    “You are not in kansas anymore. You’re on pandora”

  • “I don’t know what you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for cables, I can tell you I don’t have many. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long R&D phase. Skills that make me a nightmare for hard drives like you. If you let me stream now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will cut your cables.” – Taken

  • A movie is over too soon, I’d load it up with the complete Game of Thrones and stream it to every device in every room of the house. I wouldn’t shoer till I was up to date.

  • Wreck It Ralph.. Awesome movie that tugs at my old arcade playing memories from years gone by…

  • Skyfall. Because I’m still getting over how ridiculous the contents of the stolen hard drive were (Mission: Impossible rip-off? seriously?). I seek solace with the Seagate.

  • The first rule is I can’t talk about it. And the second rule is I can’t talk about it…

    Mostly because of the irony of watching Fight Club, a movie that has absolute disdain for consumerism, on a device that makes it so, so much easier to just sit there and, well… consume!

  • Would have to be The Net with Sandra Bullock – a film so bad that it was almost good and she ALMOST pulled off making nerds look kind of cool…

  • I love that the Seagate Wireless Plus drive can stream different HiDef films to different devices AT THE SAME TIME!!!
    This means that I can watch The Fast and the Furious while my wife watches Sex and the City 2!
    Happy days!!!

  • I would watch the latest and the greatest just because I could if I had this Seagate Wireless Storage Drive

  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World because there’re so many video game references in there and my wife doesn’t like me hogging the TV.

  • I would watch Tom Cruise’s ‘War Of The Worlds’ because its one of the best action movies around.

  • The video of the Cambodian wedding ceremony to my wife of several months – it’s pretty long for a special memory, though I’m sure we can edit something out to fit into 1TB. At least then we won’t have to change discs for each part of the ceremony 🙂

  • It would be Pacific Rim because the Seagate Wireless Plus Drive will compliment the look of the robots in the movie as the drive sits next to my TV! Looks awesome!

  • The River Wild. This requires a study into how streams can affect Kevin Bacon in even the most tumultuous of environments.

  • I would probably watch Star Wars so people would finally stop hassling me about having never seen Star Wars (no, I didn’t live the star wars–I’ve just been busy, alright?!).

  • I would watch “Andy James – Shred Guitar in 6 Weeks” because it would stream so fast I would learn it in 20 minutes.

  • I would watch Drop Dead Fred, it was my favourite movie when i was a child and i love to watch it with my children they love it as much as i did

  • i would watch the movie adaptation of “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac while on my travels across America later in the year!

  • Robocop.

    Because obviously this streaming external drive is as space aged as he is, and so deserve to go together!

    If only Robocop had wifi instead of that key finger, then he could watch himself, too 🙁

  • I was going to say The Hottie & The Nottie but I don’t want to embarrass myself so I will be honest and say that I am going to fill it up with 1TB of porn.

  • I would have to say, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. My fiance has not yet seen ANY of the movies and so i must educate her on middle earth before we get married, else i fear there won’t be a marriage!

  • I would watch God Bless America because i’m cynical and need to feel the beauty that is consumerism 😀

  • Unfortunately I would not get to watch a movie since the first thing I would stream is the Red Wedding episode from Game of Thrones season 3.

    After having my soul ripped from my body, torn to shreds, set on fire, the ashes consumed by hell spawn then regurgitated into the gaping maw of an abyss filled with despair, void of hope, the withered husk that was once called Bradley would, with its last ounce of life, filled with an unholy rage and hate, cast the foul device that contained 55 minutes and 31 seconds of pure evil, into the super massive black hole at the heart of the milkyway galaxy, praying that Daenerys Targaryen kills everyone in Westeros……. except the Starks!

    But if this didn’t happen then it would only make sense to watch V for Vendetta. That movie Rocks!

  • Avatar by James Cameron. My reasons are simple as to date this is one of the best looking movie. The animation done with Maya is breath taking, Surely thats probably why it took them 15 years to make it. So I’m going to get the full HD version of it and would be around 20GB+ and like to stream it, that is if Seagate could handle such data.

  • I’d probably get a show like “24” and watch it – non stop – over 24 hours. The space of this device should handle that, and I wouldn’t need to swap disks or fiddle with menus when each episode ended.

    Might need to put some ad breaks together for toilet breaks, however: I don’t remember Keifer Sutherland using a bathroom in the original series.

  • Has to be the ‘King’s Speech’ for me. Because only with a reliable and fast streaming from the seagate wirless plus will there be no stuttering in the final speech.
    I use any other drive, and Hitler wins the war.

  • Without a doubt it would be Alien, because “in space, no one can hear you stream”.

  • I’d watch the new Hobbit movie.
    I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m anti-SEA-pating that it’ll be GATE (great)!

  • I’m going to be completely honest here and go with The Lion King. Much to my equal parts shame and despair, my DVD copy now skips and freezes due to being watched too many times. Come on, kids movie is only half the story.

  • Dodge Ball – because of the 5 D’s of wireless tech

  • In alphabetical order:

    S. – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
    E. – E.T.
    A. – Aliens
    G. – Groundhog Day
    A. – Austin Powers
    T. – Trainspotting
    E. – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • I would watch Waterworld, because there is a lot of Sea as well as a couple of Gates in that movie

  • Using the Seagate, I would watch “Sea Wall” because it’s exam time and a short film is preferable so I can maximise my study time and besides, what else fits the exam mood better than a film about a man facing an emotional abyss!

    Also, Seagate, Sea Wall, heh.

  • I would watch And Me And You And Everyone We Know.

    It had this ending that just tortured me:
    sure the dad found someone to be hapy with, that was supposed to be answer to all the problems.
    He was distracted from looking after his kids because he needed someone, then there was the ending that told us that he was distracted from looking after his kids BECAUSE he had found someone.

    Is he just a dead beat dad?

    He’s proven that he’s not, he’s shown how much he loves his sons, but they’re going to get hurt — this has been made ultimately clear in the movie. The father’s quest for acceptnace, his desperate need for belonging is going to get his kids hurt.

    Not only that but his kids need to belong as well, and their need to belong is going to send them to a place that is the ending of this moving that will torutre us forever wondering if they’re going to be okay.

    It’s haunting.

    That’s what I would watch.

  • i would be watching game of thrones from the start for the 4th time until the dreaded season 3 episode 9 havent been this upset since Qui-Gon Jinn

  • I dont know how anyone could name 1 movie, or even for a fact tv show,
    I’d probably watch the harry potter sequel, the shawshank redemption, batman sequel, 21 jump street, get smart and so much more,
    and for tv shows, the fresh prince of bel air, the big bang theory, avatar – the last airbender/ legend of korra, the simpsons and so much more
    and if it help, the competition ends a day before my birthday 😛

  • My wireless gadgets setup is getting better than my old age! Avatar (3D) is lookin’ mighty fine at this moment.

  • I would pick “the Lawnmower Man” as I like the idea that I could carry an entire consciousness around in my pocket and stream it out whenever I need… but also…Lapidus!

  • I just gave in and watched the first episode of “game of thrones”. I’ve got a lotta catching up to do…

  • Life of Pi….because I think I’m the only one who hasn’t seen it, my parents have even seen it. (And they are usually behind movies.)

  • I would watch the Transformers animated movie because YOU GOT THE TOUCH! YOU GOT THE POOOWERRRRRRR! YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHH!

  • Hackers – because Angelina Jolie, and aren’t we talking hacking here (wait that movie isn’t about real hacking!?!?!)

  • Would have to watch Iron Man 2. It would feel like the seen in the court room where Tony takes of the TV to watch some films.

  • I would have to stream from my new Seagate Wireless Plus the movie “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” as it would have to be one of the best horror movies ever made. Forget aliens or super natural forces eliminating earth and mankind. This movie shows what could happen in our own backyard or kitchen. You are warned!!

  • World War Z, I have a dual Brad Pitt and zombie obsession (thanks to my husband – not Brad Pitt, just the zombies 😉 )

  • Gone With The Wind is what I’d play,
    Then my Mother in Law for dinner won’t stay,
    and Friday night is reclaimed – yeeha! Yay!

  • Epic device for watching the breaking bad series back to back. I probably wouldn’t leave my house for a month with the Seagate Wireless and grow and outback beard. Movie must watch with this too cool for school device, one and only, yours truly…….True Romance “I like you Clarence I always have and I always will’. If you haven’t seen it then you think this is some chick flick title. NOT AT All. Go watch it!!!

  • Because it is portable, so Porn movies on the go, even when traveling overseas; plus it can be stashed away with ease, and the wireless can be password protected, so dont have to worry about mrs accidentally discovering the secret man stash

  • Bridesmaids – every time I watch the part where they poo in the sink and the street I can’t stop laughing. I know I’m sick !!

  • I would watch The Sound Of Music. I love to do interactive movie watching version. Booing the Nazis, hissing at the Baroness, singing all the songs and whistling when characters kiss. It’s loud, it’s silly and incredibly fun!

  • The Ten Commandments. Because I could stream to a tablet a movie about a bloke who crosses a stream to get a tablet.

  • The Terminator is appropriate at present because my mother-in-law is driving me crazy & I feel like throttling her. (sad but true)

  • As soon as “World War Z” was available for streaming, the hunky Brad Pitt could be at my beck and call on the Seagate Wireless

  • I would invite friends around whip out the Seagate and tell them to say hello to my little friend and throw on Scarface

  • My Husband is way into anything to do with Pc and all the bits & pieces that go with it and I can confidently say He will fill this full of top movies to watch and the best one would have to be Avatar ,I think the Best movie ever made for a while now.

  • I would watch my wedding video or whatever my wife wants to watch because she is watching what I am typing and must be obeyed.

  • I would watch my an old classic, Break fast at Tiffanys. They don’t play these on TV anymore.

    Ive rewatched it so much my dvd is starting to glitch 🙁
    it would be nice to be able to stream it on my laptop.

  • I would watch Inception, by streaming the file from the Seagate Wireless Plus to my Computer, which would then be mirrored on my Android phone through VNC viewer, with the phone connected to the TV using HDMI.

  • Electric Dreams – I can easily see there being issues of a love triangle involving this hard drive… especially if I call it Edgar. Plus 80’s movies just rock!

  • I’d watch Step Brothers because with this hard drive I could replace my giant DVD collection in my room and have so much room for activities!

  • watch: mission: impossible
    why: so i could watch it on my phone on the way to the clubs listening to the theme song, i could do a M:I entrance

  • I’d watch Hackers, as being able to wirelessly stream from a portable harddrive would really make me feel like I could hack the Gibson

  • There is only one Movie to watch. Uncle Buck! Take that quarter, go downtown and have a rat gnaw that off your face.

  • I would watch Top Gun. Because it should be the first, last, and middle movie you watch on any technology. Because it is the greatest movie of all time to feature homoerotic beach volleyball, the greatest ballad of the 80s (Take my breath away), the greatest pump-up song of the 80s (Highway to the danger zone), Tom Cruise before you learned that he was a nutjob, Dr Green from ER when he had hair!, Meg Ryan before the ravages of time and plastic surgery, the most awesome bar pickup singalong, ICEMAN!

    I watched this movie on my honeymoon!

    What am I trying to win again? Doesn’t matter, because I’m going to watch Top Gun!

  • I would watch the movie Inception using the seagate wireless plus. Leo says the line “what is the most valuable thing in the world – answer – An idea who time has come” This is it.

  • Fight Club. No reason, I don’t even have to be creative because I’m not special and everyone else has had all the best ideas before.

  • Any kids movie, because I could watch it with my boys safe in the knowledge that they couldn’t pull the plug.

  • Grease, because I could stream it to a number of devices around the house and manage to embarrass all of my kids at once with my singing!

  • Clockwork Orange. probably my favourite movie of all time; why would you stream anything less.

  • “The Day I Got A Hard Drive” I would record myself receiving the free hard drive in 1080p, and then watch it over and over to forever relive the joy I had received when I got a free hard drive.

  • I would put myself through Waterworld to win/if I won the drive because it is the movie I could think of that is closest to the physical representation of the product’s name in that it is an aquatic version of the suffix noun (sadly the movie isn’t called Waterworld Wireless Plus or it would be even more appropriate).

  • The Lakehouse – The magic letterbox that shares across time and space the heartfelt love letters joining together two seperated souls, Alex (Keanu Reeves) and Kate (Sandra Bullock), is a perfect metaphore for the Seagate Wireless Plus drive. Yes, if I win I will watch this romantic sop, streamed wirelessly from the awesome Seagate Wireless Plus, without my wife making me, just because it would be fantastic to be able to do so.

  • Seabiscuit – so I could see if Seabiscuit makes it out of the Seagate so I could see it on my TV….See?

  • I’d watch “Baby’s Day Out”, cause if the bad guys in that movie had one of these bad boys… well nothing much would have changed… but it’s a pretty fun movie!

  • I’d watch Zoolander because I’m pretty sure there’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I intend to find out what that is.

  • The Princess Bride: I’m enchanted by a swashbuckling tale of silly names, sillier dialogue and true love

  • i would love to watch whole season of Every loves Raymond from Season 1 to 9 and the Complete Series. Reason why is, i can relate on that but on opposite side…Im still have most attitude of Raymond except to play golf. But my wife’s parent is alwys there…Coz we live in one property.
    So, we say “there coming! “… lol
    The show is fun, boring, annoying, interesting and same as life as we spend.

  • Easily Iron man 3. Who wouldn’t love to stream HD content on their 55 inch TV while dispatching a pack of pop-corn? 1 Tera byte is big enough to store my music and college stuff.

  • I would use the Seagate Wireless Plus Drive to stream old family movies (transferred from fragile reel-to-reel tapes) of old footage of my brother, sister and I to show my Mother and Father who are living overseas. They would weep and shake with joy to see us being visited by Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny 40 years ago!

  • I would be using it to watch the Go Pro videos i shot that day of my 15 buddies and i skiing and snowboarding on the 42 inch screen inside our chartered mini-bus, for the long and painful ride back from our snowy mountains trip in Aug. Will surely include footage of one of us coming out of the hospital in a wheelchair…

  • Mad Max!! Been a while since I watched this golden oldie, and it’d let me try my new toy out by myself without meddling minds and interfering fingers wanting to touch it and use it first – because everyone else in my house hates this brilliant flick.

  • Man On A Wire for sure!
    Watching a bloke relying on a wire, while I’m relying on the exact opposite – wireless.
    High Wire on WiFi, it’s a delicate balance…

  • The Fifth Element – because who can’t get enough of saying “Korben Dallas Multipass” and well – Milla Jojovich, need I say more?!

  • I would watch pitch perfect because i would love to watch it on my bed without the hassle of putting it on tv…….and i could sing without annoying the hell out my brother.

  • Call me sentimental…. but…. I would download my wedding video to a movie file to save it from degregation after 18 years of marriage. I would love to watch it on the big screen again and again and again, knowing that it was safely kept on the seagate drive 🙂

  • Greatest western ever made John fords classic the searchers there is talk they are going to remake cannot wait

  • I’d watch ‘I, Robot’ while imagining the Seagate Wireless Plus Drive turning against me.

  • The Great Gatsby – because I haven’t seen it yet. I’d also use it to store software, etc

  • I would watch ’40 Year Old Virgin’ because if I owned this HD I would never leave my place and so never meet anyone! Not necessarily a bad thing… I would be very happy alone with my movies!

  • My favourite movie at the moment would be Avatar, took me a while to join the party!

  • If I won this Seagate Wireless Plus drive I would stream it to my projector and have all my mates over to watch ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

  • iwould have to say lost boys ,its one of the first trendy ,popular vampire stories along with fright night ,i loved these movies and they are stil lpopular now

  • I’d use it to watch many movies. After all, 1TB will give me the ability of choosing more than just one.

  • Die Hard Trilogy. I would watch it on christmas eve because the first and second one both take place around christmas. They are the best christmas movies ever made. Samuel L Jackson is in the third one so thats pretty awesome too. Yippee ki-ay, mother#@%*~!

  • With my ipad the Seagate wireless is a no brainier must have. Which movie ? I have to go with the Pirates of the Caribbean series. ” Why? why is all the rum gone?”

  • THE NOTEBOOK – I will be able to use both hand for the Tissues while crying!! Wireless RULES!!!!!

  • Would have to be “The Breakfast Club” Such a cult movie, but i also would be happy with any John Hughes Movies, they just don’t make them like that anymore!

  • I’d simultaneously play The Big Lebowski in every TV, computer and tablet in the house and throw a party where everyone is playing the The Big Lebowski drinking game from anywhere inside and outside the house

  • And there was value in the thing, clearly, that they were certain of. But what is the application? In a matter of hours, they had given it into everything from mass transit to satellite launching, imagining devices the size of jumbo jets. Everything would be cheaper. It was practical, and they knew it. But above all that, beyond the positives, they knew that the easiest way to be exploited is to sell something they did not yet understand. So they kept quiet.

  • As the Seagate Wireless Plus Drive streams up to 3 HD movies and because I have never finished watching all the Star Wars movies, I would watch the original trilogy on three tablets at the same time, then the second trilogy after so I can actually finish watching them 3 times as fast. Otherwise it’s 13 hours and 17 minutes long! “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

  • I’d stream ‘The Great Race’ so I could have my own, “Push the button, Max” magical moment. And you can’t beat the pie fight!

  • I have no idea how the Seagate Wireless Plus Drive streams movies to my favourite devices. Truth is, I don’t want to know. Some things are best left unsaid. I’d like to think the technology behind it is so beautiful, it can’t be expressed in words, and makes your heart ache because of it. I tell you those videos were sent soaring higher and farther than any other files dares to dream. It was like some beautiful bird flapped into the drab little harddrive and made those plastic walls dissolve away, and for the briefest of moments, every last video file I had felt free…

  • Snakes on a plane, I could finally finish watching the movie without freaking out half way through thinking that the electrical cords are coming alive.

  • I’d watch something like The Lakehouse and maybe some stranger from the past will contact me through the Seagate!

  • Have to be Titanic!!!-My router barely keeps its head above water just like the movie!!

  • “The Blues Brothers” because it’s classic, classy, timeless and one of the most significant and meaningful movies of all time – I truly believe they were on a mission from God!

  • Never ending story to reminisce in my childhood favorite with my children while watching it on my wireless drive it would never end with smooth streaming.

  • May as well start off with one of the Big Ones……” APOCALYPSE NOW”

    ( I love the smell of Naplam in the morning )

  • Thats a hard one to just list one movie, the 80, 90 and 2000 all had great action anc comedy movies that you would want to stream, top gun, beverly hills cop, predator, the list is long

  • Sliding Doors, because two stories play out at the same time, which is what the Seagate Wireless makes happen.

  • I would watch ‘He’s just not that into you’ because the relationship between me and my wireless drive is the only one I need! Me + Seagate Drive = 4EVER! ♥

  • Die Hard, because I watch Die Hard every chance I get, and John McClane wireless streaming to each of my devices is just too cool to pass up.

  • The Dark Knight.
    1. It is the best movie of all time.
    2. The joker.

    So far you thought this entry was pretty boring. You would be thinking



    1. Olivia Wilde
    2. “The Dude” is awesome.
    3. Because Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) first thought up wireless connectivity in the 80s. Kind of appropriate to watch it on the Seagate Wireless Plus Drive.

  • Iron Man 2, so I can feel like a billionaire playboy in at least one way, being able to commandeer whatever screen I want.

  • Inception. Because the streaming will be so fast I won’t know if I am on my iPad or on this amazing wireless hard drive. It will be Seagate-ception! 😉

  • I would watch Stargate (2006) on my Seagate Wireless Drive. I certainly wouldn’t watch Sam’s Song (1969), Buffalo 66 (1998) and wouldn’t go anywhere near a digital western. If I couldn’t get Stargate I’d probably make do with the 1973 film Hard Driver. And, of course, if they ever adapt Pratchett’s Discworld series to film, it would be a perfect fit.

  • The Three Amigos, you can always trust your Amigos to back you up as much as you can trust Seagate to back you up

  • It would have to be Toy Story 3
    It’s one for the whole family.
    Though it would be quite would be nice,
    To watch something I liked
    Then I would choose Love Actually.

  • The first movie I’d watch would have to be Firewall (2006). After hooking this baby up to my home network, I’d certainly hope my firewall has enough protection to stop prying eyes seeing what files I have on the Seagate Wireless Plus! I mean, most of the videos on there would be for.. research purposes.

  • Planet Earth
    Spectacular, evolutionary & wire-free…… just as earth should be!

    There’s nothing more breathtaking than having Attenborough’s great documentary on big screen — witness amazing wonders of earth as it streams seamless via Seagate Wireless Plus!

    NATURE and TECHNOLOGY playing in harmony.

  • I’d strategically place my laptop in the living area when I know that my older brother is going to have friends over. I’d wait until they’re all in perfect view of the screen then I’d begin streaming my collection of embarrassing home videos otherwise known as my “blackmail stash” of my bro. These videos range from footage of him vomiting during his primary school graduation ceremony to him running around the house wearing Mum’s heels at 5 years of age. Oh man. This is the perfect crime.

  • Johnny Mnemonic. “I can carry nearly eighty gigs of data in my head.”

    Closest thing you get is one of these bad boys!

  • Amateurs (unless i missed this one), the first movie will be the classic flick which defined my generation, starring Angelina Jolie, Penn Jillette and Mathew Lilard the 1995 classic – Hackers

  • 1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.
    2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.
    3rd RULE: If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.
    4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight.
    5th RULE: One fight at a time.
    6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.
    7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.
    8th RULE: If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight.

    I would watch fight club.

  • >Now exams are over time to watch a movie,
    >Oceans trilogy come to mind,
    >Maybe a Bond movie instead.
    >Or some action movie that doesn’t involve thinking.
    >Rewatched all the Fast and Furious so not those.
    >End up deciding on Pulp Fiction.
    >Cant get up fast enough to put it on,
    >Arse over tripping on a dangling cable.
    >Bellow at no one in particular,
    >Loose cables bloody suck,
    >End up with broken foot.
    >Spend all uni break watching movies from wireless hard drive to avoid cables.

  • I would watch Ambiancé as it is the longest movie ever. It goes for 720 hours! But with a terabyte of storage there is nothing to stop me ( besides boredom).

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