Update Your Seagate Wireless Storage Device Firmware To Fix Critical Security Flaws

If you own a Seagate wireless storage device, you might want to look into updating your firmware. Tangible Security researchers have found a series of critical security vulnerabilities in several Seagate products. Here are the list of devices and a breakdown of what the security flaws are.

So far, Tangible Security has found three devices susceptible to attacks:

  • Seagate Wireless Plus Mobile Storage
  • Seagate Wireless Mobile Storage
  • LaCie Fuel

The vulnerabilities allow attackers to secretly take control of the device to use it as a platform to conduct malicious activities. If attackers are within range of the devices' wireless network, they can also steal files and upload malware to infect files which can potentially affect other people if they are shared.

Seagate has released a firmware update that patches these vulnerabilities. If you own one of the three affected devices, you can download the new firmware over at Seagates website.

[Via Tangible Security]


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