2TB Seagate Portable USB-Powered HDD, Just $US106 Delivered

SSDs may be all the rage, but the humble magnetic drive still has a place, especially for storing local backups or carting massive files between locations. If you're in the market for such a gadget, Amazon currently has a sale on portable Seagate drives, with the 2TB version selling for $US100, plus $US6.48 for delivery.

The total works out to be $113.32 in Australian dollars, a fair bit cheaper than the best local price of $157 (not including postage). The Amazon product page claims the drive is "42 per cent thinner" than the thinnest portable 2TB — a claim we'll just have to take Seagate's word for, but it does look remarkably slim.

It supports USB 3.0 for fast transfers and doesn't require an external power supply. If black isn't your colour, you can grab it in blue, red or silver.

Props to "ukees" over at OzBargain for spotting the deal!

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive [Amazon, via OzBargain]


    The total works out to be $113.32 in Australian dollars, a fair bit cheaper than the best local price of $157 (not including postage)

    Yeah screw the Australian Market, those people don't need those jobs. Aussie Pride.
    USA USA USA Oi Oi Oi.

      Hey if you like paying the Australia tax, that's your thing... Most of us with common sense don't like throwing our money away..!

      Last edited 27/07/14 4:55 pm

        Comment says it all Timmah. Just dont get it.

      world wide economy mate you cant stop it, we might aswell get the upsides of it when we have no control over the downsides.


    Amazon have the 4TB external back.

    Order Summary:
    Items: $129.99 USD
    Shipping & handling: $13.51 USD
    Total: $143.50 USD

    Maybe if it was Australian-owned, Australian-made, Australian-developed drive or Seagate was Australian-headquartered company, you'd have a valid point. But it's a drive from an American company that has them manufactured in Asia, and an Australian consumer can have it imported and delivered for less than 30% of the local retail price. That's more than can be accounted for with GST and supposedly high local wage costs.

    Last edited 27/07/14 6:54 pm

    Warranty?... covered by Seagate Australia? or do you have to send that to US?

      You normally have to return them to Singapore or wherever, anyway, so I don't think the country of origin would make any difference.

        Actually Seagate is local to Alexandria in NSW

        WD is in Singapore.

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