Why You Shouldn’t Underdecorate Your Workspace

Why You Shouldn’t Underdecorate Your Workspace

We go to work to do our job, not to feel at home. But putting a little effort into the decoration of our desks makes a difference. Even if it doesn’t help you feel more welcome at work, it tells the company that you feel like you’re part of the team.

Picture: Kyle and Kelly Adams/Flickr

Alison Green, writing for US News, explains:

If your office is utterly barren — no photos, no décor, no evidence that someone inhabits it — you might signal that you’re just passing through, that you’ll be on your way as soon as you find something better. It’s easy to bring in a lamp and put an art print on the wall, and it will make a difference in how people see you. On the other end of the spectrum, don’t go overboard: If every surface in your office is covered with photos, art and figurines, you’ll look like your focus is somewhere other than on work. You also want to avoid a messy office, which can make you look disorganized and unconscientious.

A little goes a long way, but nothing or too much can make you seem disinterested in your job.

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  • That guy in the pic needs to bring more stuff in to personalise his space – whoever designed that office shouldn’t have gone with the newspaper motif.

  • I worked at a job for 11 years and had absolutely no personal decorations on my desk (or desktop for that matter), I simply don’t understand the need for people to decorate their workspaces with knick knacks or photos of their family or pets. A clean and clinical office desk is the epitome of what a desk should look like.

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