The Home Away From Home Office Of Airbnb

The Home Away From Home Office Of Airbnb

The art-filled workspace above looks like it could be in anyone’s home, but it’s actually an office workspace. It’s part of Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters.

As unusually pleasant as this office is, the homey design is fitting for a company that helps people rent out their homes to travellers. According to the office tour posted on Apartment Therapy, many of the workspaces were inspired by listings on Airbnb or even replicated from them.

Besides pointing out that corporate offices don’t have to be impersonal and bleak, the workspace above reminds us that surrounding ourselves with art and beautiful objects could help us take our creativity up a notch (or at least make work more pleasant). Check out more photos of the Airbnb office at the link below.

Airbnb’s Home Away from Home Office [Apartment Therapy]

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