Which Australian Airline Has The Worst Safety Record?

Airlineratings.com is a new Australian website that ranks the globe's airlines in terms of passenger safety; right down to individual aircraft models. Those planning a cut-priced international holiday might want to check how each airline scored before booking any tickets...

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If you suffer from aerophobia, knowing that your chosen airline has an immaculate track record can go a long way to giving you peace of mind. This is where Airlineratings.com comes in; an airline review website with an emphasis on consumer safety (you can check out our previous coverage here).

Launched by Australian aviation expert Geoff Thomas, Airlineratings gives the world's airlines a safety rating out of seven based on rigorous industry safety audits. Points are also deducted for crashes involving passenger deaths.

"If an airline has a crash that involves the death of a passenger and or crew member/s the airline will automatically receive a deduction of one star giving them a lower safety rating," the website explains.

"This new rating will stay with the airline for 10 years as a crash involving fatalities carries with it a one star deduction for 10 years from the date of the incident."

There are currently around 50 airlines on the website with a score of 2 or lower — including the large-profile Lion Air in Indonesia, which has been banned from flying into the European Union due to safety concerns.

Curiously, Air France managed to score 5/7 despite the infamous Flight 447 crash that took the lives of 216 passengers in 2009.

Qantas, meanwhile, was one of the best performers with a perfect score of 7. Australia's lowest scoring airline was Tiger (including Mandala Air and SEAir) which received 4 for safety.

The website notes that it cannot guarantee that a 7-star airline will not have a crash involving fatalities, but it's safe to say that the odds are more heavily in your favour.

In addition to providing its own safety scores, the website also has a passenger review section, an individual aircraft section and a food reviews page (no word on whether airlines lose points for food-related fatalities).

You can check out the website for yourself here.


    I've always considered Aerophobia to be a fear of draughts.

    Although the word is also valid in meaning as a fear of flying, I've always considered the unmistakable Aviophobia or Aviatophobia to be a better choice.

    Tiger? No big surprise there. They deserve the lowest award for EVERYTHING.

    it makes you wonder how those that have a 2 star or less rating can continue to keep operating, yet it only took 1 crash for concord to go out of business

      the Concord was an (old) aircraft, not an airline, Air France, the operator, didn't go out of business, they're still going and they've had another big fatality since.. Flight 447 crash - was due to human error, killed another 2228 passengers in June 2009..

      Last edited 17/06/13 4:01 pm

        Pretty sure it didn't kill 2228 passengers :p It was 228.

          LOL, yeah, fell asleep like a German banker.. http://business.financialpost.com/2013/06/11/german-banker-falls-asleep-on-keyboard-and-accidentally-transfers-300m/

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