Vodafone Launches Add-On Packs For 4G Data Hogs

Vodafone has announced a new range of data add-ons specifically designed for customers on the telco’s freshly launched 4G network. The packs allow customers to top-up their post-paid plan with an additional data allowance with prices starting at $5 per month.

According to Vodafone, customers use up to 132 per cent more data on 4G each month compared to 3G simply because they can download more information in less time. In response, the telco has launched a new range of data add-ons to help its customers avoid bill shock.

“The last thing we want is for our customers to have the fun taken out of [4G] by worrying about whether they’ve gone over their data allowance,” Vodafone’s chief customer officer Craig Reines said in a statement.

“We are taking direct action against bill shock so customers can make the most of their services by giving them the tools they need to monitor their usage and top up when they need to.”

When purchasing month-to-month, the data add-on prices range from $5 for 150MB to $30 for 2GB. Yearly purchases cost the same per month, but provide double the amount of data. The Vodafone data add-ons are available to all postpaid customers and can be accessed through Vodafone stores, online or by calling 1555.

When compared to Telstra’s postpaid data pack offerings, the Vodafone ad-ons are surprisingly costly: $5 a month gets you 250MB of data from Telstra, while the $30 option gets you 3GB. Optus, meanwhile, offers 500MB of data for $10 a month. (You can review the full data pack range from Vodafone, Telstra and Optus here, here and here, respectively.)

In addition to the new data packs, Vodafone 4G customers will now receive a text message alert when they go $100 over their included allowance (whoop-de-doo).

Alternatively, you could try making your existing data last the whole month by following the tips in our Data Allowance-Stretching Guide.

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