Vodafone Temporarily Doubles Data Allowance For $30 Prepaid

Vodafone Temporarily Doubles Data Allowance For $30 Prepaid

When we were trying to pick the best prepaid deals on each network, our big issue with Vodafone was that there were no cheap plans with even vaguely decent data allowances. That problem isn’t totally solved by upping the data allowance on its $30 plan from 500MB to 1GB, but it’s a start.

From now until 31 January 2014, the $30 plan has the increased allowance, as well as $450 of call credit and unlimited Australian SMS. As of tomorrow, all Vodafone prepaid customers have access to 4G. It has to be said: 4G means you’ll use your 1GB faster. (This also means the $40 recharge only makes sense right now if you want the extra $300 in call credit, since it also offers 1GB of data.)



  • Is this straight up? I just looked on the vodafone website and there is no mention of this. I have logged onto my vodafone and it still shows the crappy 200Mb amount.

    • Well, the link at the bottom lays it out. My guess is that you need to do another recharge for it to count.

  • I wonder whether this might be a response to Telstra Pre-Paid increasing the cap data inclusions with “bonus” data.

    The gripe about data inclusions seems to be lacking merit; one may buy the Favourites (350MB) data pack with 16 Vodafone Cap “dollars” through Vodafone Central for additional data. You can also buy Browse Plus Packs on Telstra Pre-Paid.

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