Use A Putty Knife As A Spatula

Use A Putty Knife As A Spatula

Sure, you can buy any number of kitchen utensils in your favourite home furnishings store, but a better place to shop might be the hardware store. A cheap putty knife, for example, makes for a better spatula and scraper than your garden-variety kitchen tool.

Picture: phil_g/Flickr

Chef Seamus Mullen of Boqueria in NYC learned to use a 5cm putty knife instead of a spatula in Spain, saying the thinner blade is better for lifting delicate foods like fish. A putty knife can also spread frosting, scrape your cutting board and slice vegetables.

Alton Brown fans and pro chefs may already know this kitchen hack, but everyone else might want to consider upgrading their spatulas with inexpensive gear from the hardware store. (Just don’t mix your putty knife used for patching holes with your putty knife used for cooking Pacific cod.)

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