Hack A Putty Knife Into A Vegetable Peeler

Hack A Putty Knife Into A Vegetable Peeler

Want a unique and easy-to-use vegetable peeler? You can make one yourself with a putty knife.

Instructables user bartolo gives simple instructions on how to make the transformation β€” draw a wide U-section on the blade of the putty knife, cut it out with a rotary tool cutting wheel, fold down the cutting edge a bit with pliers, and sharpen the cutting edge with the rotary tool.

The resulting tool not only peels vegetables with ease but can also make thin slices for potato chips and carrot or cheese slices for salads. It’s a lot of effort given that functional and safe peelers can be had for $2 at any chain store, but if you fancy your tooling skills, go for it.

The Putty Peeler [Instructables]

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