The Android-Themed, Chalkboard Workspace At Google HQ

Google recently hosted a company competition for its staff to spiff up their shared workspaces. This is the winning solution, which incorporates chalkboard paint, greenery and Android accessories.

A long box planter filled with succulents makes for a great divider, and the charcoal and Android green colour scheme adds a nice vibe. You could copy a few of these ideas for your own workspace (if, for example, you had a desk surface you wouldn't mind covering in chalkboard paint). More pics and details can be found in the Apartment Therapy link below.

Google HQ Workspace Contest Winners [Apartment Therapy]


    Any teacher can tell you that chalk dust is the natural enemy of the computer. They really didn't think this through very well.

      Agreed. And chalk board is going to be abrasive on all your equipment and even clothing! Try rubbing the sleeves off your shirts or ruining the gliders on your mouse.

      Would have been 10 times smarter with a glass top on the bench and whiteboard markers. But you'll still end up with mess.

      At least with a glass bench they could do cooler stuff like mount screens directly under the table (like MS Surface :) for minority report style working.

        I don't think it is real chalk guys, just chalk themed paint. So nothing to worry about!!

          unlikely its probably something like this:

    Looks fun! However if it was my desk I would have a huge chalk Android symbol on it.

    I've already got goosebumps from imagining working on this desk, tapping my fingers and accidentally running my nails down it =)

      I'm that guy that does it just to annoy other people.

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