Combine Magnetic Primer And Chalkboard Paint For The Ultimate Workspace Wall

If you want to utilise a wall for your notes these days you can buy chalkboard or dry-erase-board paint and turn any wall into a message board. Go one further and use magnetic primer on the wall beforehand and you'll have the ultimate workspace wall.

Frugality weblog Shoestring featured this combination when Shoestring's editor Melissa Massello needed a dedicated workspace in her 45m² apartment so she turned a tiny closet into a "cloffice" (closet office) and utilised magnetic primer and chalkboard paint on the wall of the closet.

The combination gives you access to notes and any magnetic photo frames, penholders, or other office knickknacks you desire.

DIY: Building a "Cloffice" (Closet Office) [Shoestring via Apartment Therapy]


    good idea. I also buy the magnetic blackboard paint from Candy Paint Asia who they deliver to every city. I just bought their magnetic paint, whiteboard paint, chalkboard paint & glow-in-the-dark paint for my kids room. Their quality is much better than those from USA. Highly recommended

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