Create A Portal-Esque Lamp Cube Out Of Old Cassette Tapes

If you've got a bunch of old cassette tapes lying around you're clearly a pack rat and need help. On the bright side, you can now transform your hoarded junk into a fetching lamp reminiscent of a Portal Companion Cube.

"For this hack, I used 30 cassette tapes, tie wraps and the Lykta lamp," explains Megje83 on IKEA Hackers. "I scoured attics, thrift shops and the internet for cassette tapes. As soon as I had a whole collection together I finally worked out the idea. I attached the cassette tapes together with a bunch of tie wraps and then placed it over the lamp. Child's play!"

You can see more photos of Megje83's creation here, along with tips on how to build an alternate lamp option (non-German readers will need to switch on Google Translate).

[Via IKEA Hackers]


    reminiscent of a Portal Companion Cube
    Except that it has completely different colours, no hearts, no depressed circle or lines. In fact, the only similarity between the two is that they're both cubes -_-

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