Hack An IKEA Shelf And Lamp Into An Upside-Down Reading Light

Add an Easy-Access Reading Light to Your Bed with an Upside-Down Lamp

Reading a book in bed can be tough without overhead lighting. You can attach a bulky reading light to your book or use a bedside lamp that provides minimal illumination and clutters up your nightstand. Alternatively, this DIY upside-down lamp will do the job a lot better.

The folks over at IKEA Hackers discovered you can take a Lack shelf, attach it above the bed (or even on the headboard), and then add Forså lamps underneath. When you need light, you conveniently have it overhead with just a touch.

The beauty of this solution is that there's no need to get out of bed to turn it on and off and the light source comes directly from where you need it most. To see more, check out the full post over at IKEA Hackers.

Upside down work lamp as a bedside lamp [IKEA Hackers]


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