Build A Solar-Powered Display Case From An IKEA Lamp

With just some wood, plexiglass, and a $20 lamp from IKEA, you can create a lit display case that can be positioned anywhere—without the electric cord.

This simple project combines two of our favourite topics: IKEA hacks and DIY solar solutions.

IKEA hackers Fabiana and Massimo turned a cheap solar lamp from IKEA—the SUNNAN—and recycled wood into a jewellery display case. You could adapt this ingenious idea to showcase your collectibles or decorative items.

Using a solar panel not only eliminates the need to hide an unsightly electric cord, it also makes the case ideal for showcasing your special creations in locations without outlets—e.g., at craft fairs, flea markets, or perhaps just your backyard. Photo by Fabiana and Massimo.

Solar powered jewelry display [IKEA Hackers]


    What a brilliant idea. Display cases take a little slice of ones life and presents a snapshot. Frozen in time. To be Solar Powered, Green and highly functional is just genius! High Marks.

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