Briefly: US Spy Fortresses Exposed, Man Of Steel Reviewed, Police Install 4000 Secret Speed Cameras

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Queensland approves new 'covert' speed camera locations, Man of Steel reviewed, inside America's secret spy buildings.

Photo: Warner Bros.

  • Our colleagues over at Gizmodo have assembled a list of emerging car technology that will revolutionise the way we drive; including videos. Click here to see the shortlist.
  • Man Of Steel, the new Superman movie from 300's Zack Snyder and The Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan open nationally on 27 June. If you're itching to see what the fuss is about (and don't mind spoilers), check out Kotaku's in-depth review.
  • Queensland has approved 4000 new speed camera locations across the state, but motorists won't be told when the roll out will happen, The Australian reports. A proportion of the fleet will remain completely covert. “We need to take a stand as the road toll is unacceptably high,” Commissioner Ian Stewart said in a statement. “Speeding kills and we will continue to enforce the speed limit in an effort to make our roads safer for all.”
  • Last week, major documents were leaked detailing PRISM, a top-secret government program that directed tech companies to spy on Americans by turning over their data to the National Security Agency, among other branches of the Department of Homeland Security. With this sobering fact in mind, Gizmodo in the US has shined the spotlight on the buildings that are spying on civilians. Click here for an interesting read.


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