Briefly: Charging For ABC iView?, Queensland Bitcoin Theft

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including threats to charge for iView and the role of death in games.

  • Remember how the Coalition went to the election and said it wouldn't cut ABC funding and then proceeded to cut ABC funding? So here's the sequel: an "efficiency review" of the ABC suggests that it should charge for iView access. While that might be helpful if it allowed access to more of the ABC archive, still seems like a dangerous precedent to us.
  • Also dangerous: theft. A Queensland man has been charged with stealing $110,000 in Bitcoin. Gizmodo has the full story.
  • Over at Kotaku, Mark is musing over whether video games should offer harsher punishments for dying, a thought kicked off by Lifehacker's own Chris Jager. This was an issue I actually wrote about from a completely different perspective earlier this year.


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