Briefly: Camera Phone Buying Guide, Gamer Gouging, Action Movie Kid

Briefly: Camera Phone Buying Guide, Gamer Gouging, Action Movie Kid

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Queensland speed camera earns $150,000 on its first day, Civilization: Beyond Earth gets slapped with a $50 “Australia tax”, get a customised mouse mat for $0.99.

  • Every phone has a camera these days, but not all cameras are created equal. If you’re planning on carrying a camera in your pocket, here’s what to consider before shelling out your cash.
  • ArtsCow is currently selling customised mouse mats for $0.99 when customers use the discount code ‘Z099MOUSEPADWVZCE’. Click here to peruse the range.
  • The debate around speed cameras is one that seems to endlessly rotate around an axis of accident prevention and/or revenue raising. Adding fuel to the fire is a newly installed speed camera in Ashmore, Queensland which amassed an astonishing $150,000 in speeding fines on its first day. Gizmodo has the report.
  • A copy of Action Comics issue 1 (AKA the first Superman strip) sold this week at auction for more than $US3.2 million dollars. The 1938 funnybook originally sold for a slightly more reasonable 10 cents.
  • One of the advantages of having a dad who works as a Dreamworks animator is that he has the skills to insert you into super hero movie and video games. In his latest clip, the adorable sprog gets his hands on a Portal gun. Giddy mayhem ensues.
  • Over the weekend Civilization: Beyond Earth went where many video games have gone before. Practically overnight the price went from the US$49.95 to $89.95. Kotaku editor Mark Serrels had some choice words to say.


  • On the plus side, re: Australia Tax charged by the fuckers in the games’ industry, Ozgameshop seems to have a special which lops the tax right off Civ: Beyond, putting it back to its not-fucking-Australians-over-because-we-can price.

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