Briefly: iPhone 6 Plus Reviewed, Warner Bros Game Sale

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including Gizmodo Australia getting hands-on with the iPhone 6, cheap Warner Brothers Games and the tell-tale signs of Bachelor addiction.

  • So Luke over at Gizmodo spent the weekend testing the iPhone 6 Plus in every manner imaginable; you can read his super-comprehensive thoughts in a review that runs for several thousand words. If you're still thinking the iPhone 6 is still a tad on the expensive (and unavailable) side, then the $299 ZTE V969 might be more your speed.
  • Want some cheap games? Warner Bros is holding a Steam sale on pretty much all its games, including the LEGO and Batman ranges.
  • We'd love to be judgemental about people who watch The Bachelor, but after watching the entire office swoon when Blake Garvey (the man himself), we suspect we'd be in the minority. You can assess your own state of addiction with POPSUGAR's roundup of 18 signs you're addicted to the show.


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