Briefly: $10 Jetstar Flights, NBN Weekly Wrap-Up, Mad Max Gets Yankee Doodle Injection

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Jetstar throws away domestic flights for $10 per seat, Mad Max video game removes Aussie accent, this week’s top NBN news.

  • Jetstar currently has 10,000 domestic flights up for grabs for just $10 each. Available flights include Melbourne to Sydney, Cairns to Sydney, Hobart to Melbourne (Tullamarine), Adelaide to Darwin and Gold Coast to Sydney. You’ll need to be super quick though — the fares are only available until 6pm tonight. [Via OzBargain]
  • This week, a US games journalist took some photos of what may or may not have been an Xbox One dev kit during a Microsoft press event for Forza 5. He was then briskly escorted by security personnel into “Microsoft Jail” and coerced into deleting the photos. You can read his hilarious account of the whole experience here. Just what was inside that mystery laptop? Perhaps the world will never know…
  • What happened in NBN news this week? Roll-out dramas continued as work on certain sites stopped so that staff could be trained in the correct handling and removal of asbestos. AAPT, iiNet and Optus, meanwhile, kicked up a stink about how Telstra will handle confidential information it receives as a result of its placement in the NBN. You can read the full reports at Gizmodo.
  • Earlier today, Kotaku editor Mark Serrels got some hands-on time with the upcoming Mad Max video game adaptation. However, he noticed something very off-putting about the titular character’s accent: instead of an Aussie drawl the digital Max has been saddled with an American twang. We realise there’s precedence here — the US theatrical release of Mad Max dubbed Mel’s voice with an American accent — but damn it, that’s just not cricket!
  • Remember MySpace? It was like Facebook, but horrible to look at. Apparently, it’s making a comeback. No really. Here’s a video of some celebrities trying to look excited about it.