Better IT Means Fewer People Quit

We know there's a shortage of IT experts, though the biggest gap is in people with areas of specific industry experience. Now Google is arguing that companies with vaguely sensible IT policies are more likely to retain staff across the board.

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Google Australia sponsored a report by Deloitte which investigated the impact of flexible IT policies. The big picture finding? Employees who are happy with workplace IT systems are one-third less likely to quite their jobs.

I'm not going to argue with the basic premise, but reality is always messier. A brilliant IT policy doesn't make up for a revolting boss.

Forget perks and pay: IT may be the secret weapon in the war for talent [Official Google Australia Blog]


    One of the biggest issues i've seen over the last 15 years, the lack of recognition for IT staff, we bust our hump every day, we go beyond what's expected of us always put work ahead of personal commitments and always get the job done.
    it doesn't help that managers promise shit that they have no idea about on incredibly short time frames, lay the blame on us when its pushed out due to those unrealistic expectations, but then take all the credit when it does get done under budget and within the deadlines.

    Without the IT pro's (hate that term) you're company would FAIL! plain and simple.

    Correlation does not imply causation.

    Whether the IT is good or bad is usually more a reflection of upper management and policy than the IT staff and contingency plans.

    If they're good, they'll hire good people because they'll know what to look for, allocate proper resources, and won't subconsciously sabotage the efforts of their staff with unreasonable demands or decisions that run counter to everything.

    Most times I've realised, you can fix a million problems at the technology level, but those problems wouldn't exist at all if management knew what they were doing. We'd all have less headaches.

    also CAT! CAT! CAT!!

    Also, fewer people means fewer problems

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