Google Simplifies Developer Policies To Make Them Easier To Understand

Nobody likes to go through pages of policies. Ever. Which is why Google has updated its developer program policies and launched a portal which will make it easier for app creators to understand the dos and don'ts of making an Android app for the Google Play Store. Here's what's new.

The policies that governs the ins and outs of being a developer for Google Play has been reworked so that the language is clearer. A specially-made portal with policies neatly categorised makes it easier for developers to find what they need and Google has even provided visual examples of key policies.

Topic include restricted content, intellectual property, privacy, security and monetisation.

The portal allows Google to be transparent on what it expects from developers and how the polices are enforced.

You can check out the Google Developer Program Policy page here.

[Via The Next Web/Google Developer Program Policy]


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