This DIY Toolshed Keeps Your Tools Organised In A Tiny Space

If you live in a small space but need room to organise your tools, look no further than the back of a cupboard door. A few magnetic racks, some desk organisers, and a fold-down shelf are all it takes to turn transform unused space into a neatly-organised toolshed.

IKEA Hackers reader Doug explains how he used a few GRUNDTAL magnetic knife racks and some plastic desk organisers mounted to the wall to store everything neatly. Mount the knife racks and the desk organisers on the back of the door, and hang up your tools.

Doug even added a fold-down shelf to the back of the door so he could stand there and prep his tools. All in all, it's a great use of otherwise normally wasted space. Hit the link below to see more photos of the project.

Closet Toolshed [IKEA Hackers]


    Nice use of space.

    However, this is exactly why I could never live in an apartment.

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