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  • Build These Forts Designed By IKEA

    These times, they are fort-building times. These are hunker down, curl up, leave-me-the-eff-alone times. But maybe by now, 10(ish) weeks into this pandemic, you’ve run out of fresh ways to toss a blanket over a couple of chairs and call it a fort. I certainly had. But IKEA Russia is here to help spark our…

  • How To Hack The IKEA Food Market

    How To Hack The IKEA Food Market

    I have long loved IKEA, not just for the LACK units of my college days or the little table I’m sitting at right this moment, but I love them for their food. No trip to the Swedish superstore is complete without a helping of meatballs, but their pre-packed food section is equally worth checking out.