Magnetic Knife Racks Can Hold Themselves Up

A magnetic knife rack is a handy way to store knives, but how do you attach the rack itself? Most come with attachments for screwing into a wall, but if you have an extractor fan or range hood, you might be able to stick it up magnetically.

Lifehacker reader and regular commenter 66biscuits found this solution worked well:

I have a kitchen with very limited wall space and an IKEA Grundtal knife rail and a few large knives. I was pondering where to put it when it struck me how strong the magnets were. I placed it on the edge of the steel overhead extractor hood and found it to be quite well-attached. It’s been up there for 2.5 years and has had up to 5 knives including the heavy cleaver and 2 full size chef’s knives you can see in the pic.

It seems to work in this position because I was able to seat the top on the edge. The magnets are not flush with the anterior of the rail, so it’s best to make sure there is as much magnet contact as possible. I’m sure for different hoods it may take a little machining to make it sit right.

IKEA doesn’t seem to sell a Grundtal-series knife rack any more, but still offers the Asker and Fintorp models. Definitely a good trick if you’ve got a large range hood and room to spare on its side. Thanks 66biscuits!

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