Bad Manager? Recognise It, Write It Down

Bad Manager? Recognise It, Write It Down

No-one is a perfect manager all of the time. If you’re in an IT management role and recognise that you have deficiencies or areas you should develop, take the time to write them down: that makes it more likely you’ll improve.

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Veteran data centre manager John Parker offered that advice during a management skills development session at Data Center World in Las Vegas.

Once you’ve identified an area you can improve in or don’t do well, write it down and identify it as a weakness. When you write it down, you don’t forget it so easily. It will help you resolve to do it.

Simple but worthwhile advice for almost any management role. “You have to be able to recognise it and do something about it,” Parker noted. Too self-confident to identify your own flaws? “Ask somebody you trust ‘What do you think I could improve on?”

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  • Writing down the details every time I observe one of my deficiencies as a manager would leave me no time to actually do any managing … hey, wait a minute … I see what you’re doing there.

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