10 Leadership Traits That Make A Good Manager

10 Leadership Traits That Make A Good Manager

A good manager can make a world of difference to your professional life and help you along your career. Unfortunately, good managers are hard to come by. Some may be incorrigible tyrants while others may not even recognise their own failings. So what qualities should a good manager possess? Let’s find out.

Over at LinkedIn’s Pulse blog, business author Bernard Marr listed 10 behaviours that the best-loved managers exhibit:

  1. They’re good listeners.
  2. They use the Socratic method to empower employees to solve their own problems.
  3. They stay positive.
  4. They are confident, but not egotistical.
  5. They take the time to get to know people.
  6. They remember important points about people’s professional and personal lives.
  7. They’re sincere with compliments and praises.
  8. They handle criticism with tact.
  9. They ask for advice and opinions.
  10. They’re clear about expectations, but don’t issue orders.

You can read more about each point over at LinkedIn Pulse.

Does your manager tick all the boxes? Let us know in the comments.

[Via LinkedIn Pulse]


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