• How Data Centres Are Diverging

    In one corner, you have modular data centres which can be dropped in and set up on minimal notice. In the other, you have businesses continuing to operate in data centre facilities that are 25 years old. Neither is going anywhere any time soon.

  • How Inactive Servers Can Cost You Money

    If a server within a data centre isn’t being utilised, then powering it down may seem like a sensible move. However, an inactive server can have an unexpected impact on your overall data centre running costs, since it can still be a conduit for air which can cause unexpected pressure management issues.

  • Gallery: Data Center World 2013 Las Vegas

    Vegas called and we answered: Lifehacker is on the road again for our World Of Servers series and we’ve landed up at Data Center World 2013. Check out the pictures for a sense of the event, and don’t miss our ongoing coverage of practical advice from the conference.