Ask LH: Where Can I Find Help As A New Dad?

Hi Lifehacker, I’m a first-time father to be. While my wife has been able to find numerous websites to help her through the pregnancy, I’m having a much more difficult time finding places where expectant fathers can learn more about what’s going on. Can you help? Thanks, Stressed-Out Sire

Dear SOS,

Congratulations on your impending bundle of joy. There are a handful of sites out there that are specifically aimed at expectant fathers — examples include New Dad To Be, What To Expect: Dads, Fathers Forum Online and The New Dad’s Survival Guide.

Most women pregnancy/childbirth sites also have sections and forums dedicated to dads — Babycenter provides oodles of advice and you can also sign up for weekly emails that will guide you through the gestation process right up to the delivery suite.

Naturally, a lot of the information aimed at expectant mums is also perfectly suitable for dads; particularly if you want to learn about what happens during each trimester, your partner’s moods and any possible complications that can arise. Presumably, you’ll also be wanting advice on how to cook and eat the afterbirth — this article contains everything you need to know (…what?).

If any readers have an online daddy bible they swear by, please provide SOS with a link in the comments section below.


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