This DIY Floating Desk Saves Space, Slides Out When It's Time To Work

If you live in a small space, an enormous aircraft carrier-sized desk is a luxury you may not be able to afford. With a little elbow grease, however, you can have a gorgeous floating workstation that expands when you need to get things done, slides back into place when you need space, and houses all of your electronics.

Over at his blog, Andrea Ponzi outlined how he built the slide-out worksatation. The monitor is mounted to the wall, but the top of the desk is essentially a wall-mounted version of the IKEA Ludvig laptop desk and charging station, with a stronger, reinforced bottom for his computer and accessories.

The shelf is mounted on reinforced floating brackets to keep everything stable, and Andrea's mini-computer, power board, and other accessories are all inside the shelf. The shelf is open on the sides to keep the system and power board nice and cool. The desk floats on top, is big enough for a wireless keyboard and mouse, and can be extended away from the wall when it's time to work. Best of all, Andrea can pull up a bar stool and sit while he works, or use it as a standing desk. Hit the links below to see the whole build process from start to finish.

Mini PC Float-and-Slide Desk [Rea and The Blog via IKEA Hackers]


    That's actually pretty cool, a lot of installation there though, not just for the shelf but mounting the monitor - so only really doable in a house you own.. I would not want to meet someone forced to buy a tiny enough living space that this would be required (most people obviously buy houses or reasonable size apartments)

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