The Autumn Desktop

The Autumn Desktop

Flickr user TheMuteRobot was looking for a desktop that captured the beauty of autumn, but was still informative. The end product is striking, minimal and useful.

Want the same seasonal look for your Windows desktop? Here’s how to make it happen:

This one is all Rainmeter, all the time — no additional utilities required. If you’re not familiar with Rainmeter and need a little help making all of the components work, make sure to check out our guide to creating beautiful desktops with Rainmeter to get a head start and some useful tips.

Autumn in the Mountains [Flickr]


  • I don’t want to poo on the idea of a beautiful desktop such as the example above, but how are these people actually using their PCs? I see my desktop once when I unlock my PC in the morning and again when I lock/shutdown at night.

    Surely they’re not constantly minimising windows in order to access their media functions in Rainmeter?

    • A huge reason as to why I moved away from the ‘ricing’ of my desktop. Although given more monitors or more resolution to work with, it can actually work well.

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