The Pining For The Fjords Desktop

The Pining For The Fjords Desktop

Flickr user zulfaqar wanted a desktop that was elegant and informative, but also relaxing and serene for those long days in front of the computer doing work. What else can we say? Mission accomplished.This desktop keeps weather, time and date widgets off to the side, so they’re not in the way of your work or of the beautiful wallpaper here. I you can’t spot it above, there’s a semi-transparent Google search widget on the desktop too for quick access to the information he needs. Also, even though you can’t see them right now, his desktop icons are still there. Want the same look for your Windows Desktop? It’s pretty easy. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • The Norway 102 wallpaper by lonelywolf2 at DeviantArt
  • Fences from Stardock to hide the desktop icons when they’re not needed, and show them again with a simple double-click anywhere on the desktop
  • The Rainmeter system monitor and configuration tool for Windows
  • The Illustro Rainmeter Skin (built-in to Rainmeter) for the weather widget in the lower-left corner of the desktop
  • The Pragmatic 3.0 Rainmeter skin for the clock in the upper right corner of the desktop
  • The Elegance skin for Rainmeter for the Google search box on the bottom right, with transparency set to 80 per cent.

That’s all there is to it. If you’re not familiar with Rainmeter or need help getting started, check out our guide to building a gorgeous desktop with Rainmeter for some tips, or stop by zulfaqar’s Flickr page to pay him a compliment and ask how he managed to make everything work.

desktop [Flickr]


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