The Almost Argyle Android Home Screen

Lifehacker reader dka97 used a custom grid and a few other tweaks to make his iPhone home screen easier to browse. Here's how to put it together.

For this home screen, you'll need a few tools. All are available in Cydia unless otherwise noted:

  • Lock Screen: The LS Lyra lock screen theme (not shown)
  • Icons: Ayecon icon theme
  • Springtomize, which changes the grid layout, removes app labels, and more
  • This wallpaper

dka97 explains the setup:

Here is my home screen on my iPhone 4. The LS Lyra lock screen gives you the current weather temp and more, which is handy. I changed the icon row number in Springtomize to a lower number, and also removed the app names with Springtomize as well. I found that visual memory helps me browse through apps quicker than names. I also changed the icon and dock size to varying percentages to give more depth.


    Incase you didn't realise, the title is an Android one.

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      In case you didn't realise, the article is clearly an iPhone one.

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