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  • The X-Wing Home Screen

    The X-Wing Home Screen

    I don’t know if you guys have heard, but there’s a new Star Wars movie? Today’s home screen knows how to keep the focus on the important things, with a minimal interface that keeps the not-Star Wars stuff out of the way.

  • Most Popular Featured Desktops And Home Screens Of 2015

    Most Popular Featured Desktops And Home Screens Of 2015

    Every week, we feature customised desktops and home screens submitted by readers that show off beautiful wallpapers and great customisation and UI tweaks. Sometimes they’re fun, sometimes they’re functional, and sometimes they’re both, but 2015 was a great year for all of them. Here’s a look at your favourite ones.

  • The Light Cards Home Screen

    The Light Cards Home Screen

    A nice, organised home screen layout can make your phone feel that much nicer to use. This design employs a few animated flourishes to accent its subdued and simplified interface.

  • The Goocards Home Screen

    The Goocards Home Screen

    If you’re a fan of Google’s card-based interface and would like your whole home screen to share the look, today’s design is just for you. It even comes with a dark theme!