The Full Control Home Screen

It can be annoying to unlock your phone every time you just want to hit a simple button, so reader WhizWeb created this simple yet very functional lock screen that enables access to all sorts of settings.

We'll leave it to WhizWeb to explain the setup:

The background shown in the screenshot is just an iPhone-style clouds wallpaper I found, but the background changes every time the phone is locked/unlocked using Wallpaper Changer.

In order to get all the widgets to line up like so, WidgetLocker is set up to have a full-sized anchor grid, sized 12x12.


    Um, kinda defeats the purpose of a lock screen?

    does this require a rooted phone?

      You'd require root to get rid of the original lockscreen, probably not to run this app though. If your phone is unrooted, you could just have 2 lockscreens ;)

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