The Centred Glass iOS Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Albert created his own iOS theme, called Sarcina, in an effort to mix simplicity and minimalism with beauty. Here's how he put it together.

I asked myself, how minimalistic could I make my home screen with the original, "Apple-like" rounded icons but keep a certain amount of functionality. Earlier in the day, I had received the theme "Sarif" free from the maker itself, codylg. Graciously accepting the theme, it included the minimalistic status bar and the simple, glass status bar. After a few hours of tweaking and experimenting, I picked out a nice blue, blurry background that would accommodate the colour scheme of the icons and created a custom 2x2 icon layout with Iconoclasm and added a glass frame to the background using GIMP to distinguish the centre with the dock. To finish the home screen, I added a nice weather and date widget using iWidgets with a custom HTML widget I had received from my friend.

Using Springtomize, I hid the carrier name to save unneeded space. I also hid the battery icon and enabled the battery percentage in its place. The dock icons are centered with the help of iBlank which created 2 blank icons to put at the side of both dock icons.

To put this together, you'll need these tools:

You can see more on Albert's MyColorScreen profile and DeviantART page.


    Not to sound like a complete retard- I'm relatively new to being Jail Broken, but is there a step by step instruction on how to apply these settings to my iPhone 4s? I've downloaded all the tweaks and stuff... just need a little push in the right direction...

    A step-by-step would be good. I just bought, installed and enabled Sarif in Winterboard, and am waaaay confused as to what to do next to get that swisho look seen above.

    Any reason my comment was deleted?

      Ugh sorry, refreshed my page and it was gone!

    If someone could grab those custom date and weather widgets and put them up somewhere else that would be great (attached to this post would be best - hint hint Whitson) as I don't seem to be able to get to filesharing sites from work.

    Once again, can you please start posts featuring Jailbroken features/apps with a generic warning.

      get over yourself it's in the article

    Hi, if anyone is having trouble installing I have some detailed instructions for setting up the Sarif theme at You can also get in contact if you have any questions.

      Hi Cody,

      I sent you a message via your site's contact form - feel free to answer here or via email. Is this not for a 3GS? I've installed Sarif, enabled it, cleared the cache, resprung etc a heap of times but I don't see any icons changed. I've put the Sarif icons theme at the top and enabled it, no other non-Sarif themes enabled. I see the clock thing on the wooden background on the lock screen, but nothing changed from the default iPhone look once I'm past the lock screen. No clear status bar, no icons...

        Hi Ian, Sarif is a retina theme so will not work on SD devices unfortunately. I am looking to add support, but currently don't have access to an SD device for testing. There is a tool that can attempt to auto convert a retina theme into SD here: but I have not used it myself so cannot guarantee anything with that.

    Like Android with the whole clock / weather widget thing.

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