Build An Affordable, Custom Pantry Shelving System With Pipes

Plumbing pipes and wood boards make for great customised shelves, whether you're building a massive storage unit and built-in desk or simple bookshelves. This project shows off the potential for inexpensive pipes and wood as pantry shelves.

The customisation means you can neatly organise all sizes of containers and maximise your wall space. DIY enthusiasts CK and Nate saved money on the cost of their shelves by using long continuous pipes and sliding them through drilled holes in the wood boards. The boards are supported in the back with strips of MDF and strong pipe clamps.

For the whole floor-to-ceiling shelving system, the project cost less than $200.

Hit up the link below for more pictures and detailed instructions.

Pantry Shelves: Done! [The Life of CK and Nate]


    Hi that a good idea ! going along same idea as yours use concrete blocks instead of the pipes and mdf and then reuse boards .

    Wow, thats a lot of beans! Looks like they are almost ready for the looming zombie apocalypse. Now they just need to put a few of those bars on the winows...

    Where does one get these pipes in Australia? I know from the countless projects on the internet that they're readily available at Lowes and Home Depot, but are they at Bunnings/Masters/Mitre 10?

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