Build A Wall Shelving Unit And Desk Out Of Pipes

This impressive, large shelving unit with built-in desk is something you can make yourself out of plumbing pipes and pine planks for about $US200. Morgan Satterfield of The Brick House offers step-by-step directions for creating this massive storage unit.

The unit measures 2.64m by roughly 2.28m and 28.5cm deep. Basically, you spray-paint three different lengths of pipes, stain the wood and thread the pipes through holes you drill in the wood, securing the pipes to the wall.

For a materials list and more details about this cool industrial-looking unit, hit up the link below.

Shelving Unit [The Brick House via Remodelista]


    Where the ffff can you get piping for that cheap????? Last time I looked at that stuff to make a bike stand it was going to cost me at least $200 for the pipes for that! That had no-where near the complexity and quantity of what's here for "$200".

      Things like this are one of the reasons I'm interested to see how Masters pan out (owned partly by US based Lowes, so possibly more open to sensible pricing).
      A while back I bought some cheap clamps that use pretty much the same pipe as these shelves (so you can choose your own length). It was almost $50 per metre!

      I do wish that Lifehacker AU would at least run some sort of price sanity check for the occasional "build this for cheap" articles that come from the US. Even better would be to suggest a good source to buy the materials at a low price (not practical, I know).

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